Junior Winter 2021 Schedule: January 4 - Feb 28th

The Winter 8-week session starts Monday, Jan 4th, 2021
The Early Bird Discount Deadline is Monday, Dec 21st, 2020 (15% off)

To register and see a class description, click on the class name.  

Class Locations
Rose Bowl Tennis Center at Brookside Park: 360 N. Arroyo Blvd., Pasadena, CA 91103 map
Eaton Blanche Park (3100 Del Mar Boulevard, Pasadena, 91107) map 
Grant Park (232 South Michigan Avenue, Pasadena, 91106) map
Marengo Court (479 S. Marengo Ave, Pasadena, 91101) map (Please use street parking)

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Don't see a class time and level that works for you? 
(1)  Please contact us, and we will try to create a class for you or help you determine what class would be best suited for you.
(2)  Please see the class schedule at our nearby South Pasadena location, Arroyo Seco Racquet Club.

Tiny Tots 
(Ages 4-6, 60 minutes, $24/class)

Monday 5:00pm @ RBTC with Liam [Full]
Thursday 5:00pm @ RBTC with John 
Saturday 8:30am @ RBTC with Terry 
Saturday 9:30am @ RBTC with Terry 

Future Stars 
(Ages 6-8, 60 minutes, $24/class)

Monday 4:30pm @ GRANT with John [Full]
Monday 5:00pm @ RBTC with Terry 
Tuesday 4:00pm @ RBTC with Jem 
Wednesday 4:30pm @ GRANT with John 
Thursday 5:00pm @ RBTC with Terry 

Saturday 8:30am @ RBTC with Liam 
Saturday 9:30am @ RBTC with Liam 

Jr. Development I 
(Ages 10-14, 90 minutes, $36/class)

Monday 6:00pm @ RBTC with Jem [Full]
Tuesday 4:30pm @ MARENGO with Kyle [Full]
Tuesday 6:00pm @ RBTC with Liam 

Wednesday 4:30pm @ RBTC with Erika 

Wednesday 6:30pm @ GRANT with John 

Thursday 6:00pm @ RBTC with John 

Friday 4:30pm @ MARENGO with Jem  New!
Saturday 10:30am @ RBTC with Jem & Liam 

Jr. Development II
(Ages 12-16, 90 minutes, $36/class)

Monday 6:00pm @ RBTC with Liam 
Wednesday 6:00pm @ RBTC with Terry, Jem & Erika
Saturday 10:30am @ RBTC with Jem & Liam 

Jr. Development III
(Ages 13-16, 90 minutes, $36/class)

Monday 6:00pm @ RBTC with Terry [Full]
Saturday 10:30am @ RBTC with Terry 

Academy 1
(Juniors, 120 minutes, $48/class)

Academy 2 

(Academy is also offered on other days at ASRC in South Pasadena)